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Antitrust, Business, Privatizations

antitrust, regulatory law, and business agreements

Our Firm assists institutions and companies in the areas governed by domestic and community antitrust and competition regulations, during mergers as well as in case of agreements, abuses of a dominant position and company separations.

Moreover, we provide legal assistance in cases of general administrative procedures, regulations and measures by any public administration breaching competition and market protection rules, of misleading and comparative advertising, and unfair business practices. Our activities include but are not limited to finalizing or defending joint venture agreements, mergers, acquisitions and drafting and negotiating trade agreements and by-laws for trade associations. Our Lawyers take care of drafting business agreements, including but not limited to those for the purchase and sale of company branches, distribution, procurement, publishing, sponsorship, franchising, joint venture, and supply agreements, as well as business licenses and permits.

Our Firm represents our clients in proceedings before the Competition and Market Authority,
administrative jurisdictions, the European Union Commission and EU Courts and judicial bodies. In this context, our expertise in administrative law issues and litigation before administrative jurisdictions plays a fundamental role.

privatizations, publicly-owned companies
and public economy law

Our Firm provides advice on the design and implementation of legal instruments for managing public services. Operations can take place on a national level, as in the case of public economic entities becoming joint-stock companies. In this case, we can also assist our Clients during the subsequent public offering phase. Conversely, on a local level, we assist in the incorporation of joint-stock companies, also those with private shareholding, and of the so called “special companies“, i.e. companies owned by local/municipal authorities. In particular, our Firm’s lawyers have represented clients working in integrated water management services, gas and electricity management, public transport, waste collection and disposal, cultural services and personal care services sectors.

Our Firm provides advice in the preparation of regulatory acts for the formal and substantial privatization of publicly owned bodies or companies working in the field of public services.