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Environmental Law

We assist our clients in all areas governed by applicable Italian and EU environmental regulations.
In addition to specializing in environmental certification and damage, our Firm has specific expertise in legal issues relating to pollutants and air and acoustic emissions, industrial plants, and production facilities.
Studio de Vergottini has also dealt with the legal aspects of the “Convention on access to information, public participation in decision-making and access to justice in environmental issues”, signed in Aarhus, Denmark, in 1998 and entered into force in 2001.

Our Lawyers assist our clients in all formalities involved in the issue, review and update of Integrated Environmental Authorizations (in Italian: AIA), environmental impact assessment (EIA) procedures, strategic environmental assessment (SEA) and impact assessment on habitats and protected species (in Italian VINCA), as well as in matters concerning protected natural areas, the implementation of the Habitats Directive, and the protection and use of water and the subsoil.

Energy Law

Studio de Vergottini boasts an undisputed expertise in energy law, having followed applications for authorizations and/or forfeitures for the construction of public utility works, such as transport systems, water management and flood defence works, power transmission and distribution lines, thermoelectric and hydroelectric power plants, regasification plants and incinerators, with a focus on legal issues related to the construction of energy production plants using renewable sources.

Our Firm assists Energy Service Companies (ESCo) and their customers in their dealings with the National Energy Authority (in Italian GSE) concerning the issue of White Certificates (Energy Efficiency Certificates – TEE), in disputes before the administrative courts and in court and out of court proceedings related to Internal User Networks (in Italian RIU).

In addition, we have gained specific expertise in procedures for the decommissioning of nuclear power plants, nuclear waste disposal and in handling disputes concerning the judicial protection of health in case of electromagnetic field exposure.

Electronic Communications Law

Our Firm assists companies operating in electronic communications, for activities relating to the construction of telephone and radio and television communication networks, the development of radio and television channels and concessions, public procurement as well as in more general relations with the central government and local public authorities.

Our Firm is also specialising in the evolving digital terrestrial radio and television systems.