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Civil Service Jobs, 231

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organizational model
pursuant to legislative decree nr. 231/2001

Our Firm offers the necessary advice to entities and companies for compliance with Legislative Decree No. 231/2001, which established corporate administrative liability for crimes committed by directors, managers or employees, in the interest of or for the advantage of the company.

Our assistance includes preliminary training, assessment of current compliance with applicable regulations, also through the assessment and review of internal procedures, as well as preparation of an organizational and management model and of a supervisory system.

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civil service jobs and exams

Our Firm assists our clients both in court and out of court proceedings regarding civil service exams for jobs with the Public Administration, such as Universities and Research Institutions, Ministries, Courts.

health, pharmaceutical and life sciences law

Our Firm specializes in healthcare law and assists public and private hospitals and IRCSS (Scientific Institutes for Research, Hospitalisation and Health Care), both in court and out of court proceedings, as well as in the assignment of works, services and supplies, as well as in all their transactions with the National Health Service and the Regions.

In the field of pharmaceutical law, a dedicated team deals with issues related to the so-called “life sciences” and regulatory activities in general.