a widespread presence in italy

Studio Legale de Vergottini is one of the most appreciated Boutique Law Firms in Italy. Over the years, while constantly offering highly accurate and customized legal representation to our Clients, our Firm has set up a more structured organization with offices based in Rome, Milan and Bologna, in order to ensure maximum operations efficacy and performance.


Via Antonio Bertoloni 44, 00197 Rome
Tel. 06 80687132 – Fax 06 80687041 studioroma@gdvlex.it

Sede di Roma

Studio Legale de Vergottini
Via Antonio Bertoloni 44
00197 Roma


Via Santo Stefano 16, 40125 Bologna
Tel. 051 231032 – Fax 051 265850 studiobologna@gdvlex.it

Sede di Bologna

Studio Legale de Vergottini
Via Santo Stefano 16
40125 Bologna

foto sede di Milano


Via Lanzone 4 – 20123 Milan
Tel. 02 76015077 – Fax 02 76280672 studiomilano@gdvlex.it

Sede di Milano

Studio Legale de Vergottini
Via Lanzone 4
20123 Milano